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Renewable Resource Fund

What is Maine's Renewable Resource Fund?

Maine’s Renewable Resource Fund offers you the opportunity to contribute to the development of new renewable sources of energy. Your tax-deductible contribution is used to support our universities and communities in researching and developing new ways to produce electricity from renewable sources like wind, water, sun, wood, tides, trash-to-energy, fuel cells and geothermal energy. The Maine Technology Institute administers the fund and awards grants for various projects. It’s an innovative approach to providing power, creating jobs, and protecting our environment.

What does your donation offer you and your community?

  • Invest in the development of new technologies using renewable resources to generate electricity.
  • Invest in creating different sources of energy, helping maintain an adequate and reliable supply of electricity for the future.
  • A step toward a cleaner, healthier environment for the people of Maine.
  • Increase Maine’s ability to attract federal and private funds.

How will the fund work?

If you’d like to contribute, just fill out the form and return it to your electricity company. You can make a one-time donation, or choose to give a set amount each month to be added to your electric bill.

The Maine Technology Institute distributes the money as grants for research and development projects that further the development and demonstration of electricity generation from renewable resources. For more information, please contact the Maine Technology Institute at (207) 582-4790 or www.mainetechnology.org.

Twice a year, you’ll receive information about the Fund and a chance to opt for a voluntary contribution to be added to your power bill each month. You can stop making the contribution at any time by calling your electric utility company at (207) 947-2414 or (800) 499-6600.

This fund is proudly supported by:

  • Independent Energy Producers of Maine
  • League of Women Voters
  • Maine Council of Churches
  • Maine Global Climate Change
  • Maine Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • Office of the Public Advocate

Sign up today and make a difference for tomorrow.

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